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I really enjoy Ham radio....I like to build , modify original designs and sometimes design my own yagis...
I am also active in the Open Bible Church....I could not not have gotten this far in life without  GOD.  He is always providing help for me to reach my goals....In my church there is also three more hams and we are all involve in ham radio projects..........Where I work I really do need GOD's strength , I am a Prison Officer and work there since 1994, because of my job it teachs me about people and how to deal with them.
My Beautiful girlfriend supports me in my hobby, she even helped me roll out heliax cable on a repeater site once while I was climbing a 200 ft tower....Anyway we are hoping to get married soon, hence the reason for completing most of my radio projects SOON...........

I like antennas..It is great to reasearch the info ..find parts to work and put up a BIG antenna...When it works GREAT, its a good feeling.

Ever tried a J-pole on 10meters ????? Works really nice. I have built J-poles for 11m and they work really really well...just scale them for 10m and great vertical antennas, approximately 26 ft long, made with 1 in aluminium down to 3/8 in aluminium.....

Down below is one of my homebuilt antennas....I have also designed yagis especially in my 11m days...I once helped a guy in Australia build an 8 element 11m yagi (60ft).I designed the antenna and as he ran into a couple of problems helped him via email until he got it up....It out performed his store built 8 element yagi

8 element Log Periodic I built for 9Z4CS


My Homebuilt X7 Antenna



This is what it looks like from the top of my 55ft Tower..The first photo shows looking out to the northwest..on a clear day you can actually see Venezuela from my home.The second photo is looking to the east..There is my 6m yagi (when it was 6 elements) and my 8 element 2meter Quagi, also seen are the houses in my area..

Homebrewing Antennas

This is a home version of the Cushcraft ASL 2010. I wanted an antenna that would give me 20-10m coverage with one feedline without using a tuner.

I came across the specs of the 2010 in a CQ magazine...read some info on log periodic..did some more reasearch then built my own. I got good results and built this one for a good friend of mines 9Z4CS-Jerome .My second antennas always comes out better.


I now use a Homebuilt version of the Cushcraft X7 and that works better....This antenna gives really good gain for a Tribander PLUS with the tuner in my Icom 756 I get really good results on 12 and 17 meters......

I have also converted  a cushcraft 3ele triband and parts from a 12&17 cushcraft dualband to build another X7 for 9Z4CT-Nigel....Pics to come soon of that beauty...

Here is a homebuilt X7 built for 9Z4CT-Nigel.....This antenna was built by using material from a 3ele triband Cushcraft and a 3ele 12 & 17m Cushcraft plus a little more material.........This was a great project and the owner is really happy with his signal now......A description of how I built this is on another page.

9Z4CT-Nigel Homebuilt X7

This 28ft antenna is a 11m J-Pole that I used to use and is readjusted for 10m....Works extremely good on Dx and local contacts...Nice for 10m FM


 10 metre J Pole Antenna


Here is a 3 element 17m Yagi (On Top) and 3 element 20m Yagi (Bottom) I built for 9Y4TR Derek (now VE3CZF).He and His XYL lived in Trinidad for some months and I built these. He is back up in Canada and took them up with him..He reports great signals and busting pileups (barefooted)..

Here are some links that goes to some great antenna websites, that I have found while looking for and researching different antennas.

HF Yagis by VE3GK..Lots of great info.

Some more info on the X7 Log periodic.