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January 2001 -- Here I am on 6m (50 mhz) ,now one of my favourite bands ..  I have over 100 DXCC countries  confirmed ....My equipment I use is an Icom 756 running barefoot into a Homebuilt 6 ele Yagi on a 30 ft boom @50 ft - (Optimised version of the CushCraft 617-6B)...This design made a lot of contacts even as far as Japan..

 UPDATE -- May 2007 , because I needed some space for more antennas, I took down the 6 ele and tried out a 5 ele. on 24 ft boom ......This 5 ele did not work too well at all (not my design)

May 2010 -- Trying out another  optimised CC 617-6b design  (7 ele on 31' boom) ,based on K1WHS optimised version .. I did a little tweaking on the PC and built it .


October 2011 -- I have extended my main tower from 55ft to 70ft .. The extra guy lines are now making the 7 ele ( 31ft boom) impossible to turn a full 360 deg ....I have built and installed a YU7EF - EF606 1WL ( 6 ele = 19 ft boom ) ... I am now able to clear the guy lines and this antenna is working quite well .

ICOM 756 Transeiver...HF and 6M

My 6 ele 6 meter antenna ( Optimised CC 617-6B )

2011 - New Antenna is up --- YU7EF Design ( EF606W1)

VE3EN...His Icom 7700 Video/Audio online

VE3EN Solar Cycle site

ON4KST...Link to 6m Chat page

DX Sherlock 1.97 - V-UHF QSO real time maps

I am also active on Satellite (AO 27, AO 51, FO 29, ISS WHEN IN Crossband mode, VO 52, SO 50, AO 40 when she was active ).

Satellites are fun and it really is not all that hard or expensive to get going on them...A Dual band Fm transceiver can even be used for the Fm birds.

My equipment for satellite is the Yaesu FT-847 and antennas are 8 element cross polarised on uhf and a modified 5 ele cross polarised (now 8 elements)for vhf. Both antennas are made by Gulf Alpha Communications.

I also have a Kenwood TR 9000 (2m All Mode).I use this rig in conjunction with an AIDC-3731 Downconverter and a homebrewed 2.4GHZ patch feed mounted onto a 3ft Direct TV dish. The downconverter converts the 2.4GHZ signal to Vhf, and I use the TR 9000 to receive the microwave signals from AO 40 satellite.

Yaesu FT 847..My Satellite Transeiver

Kenwood TR 9000...2m All mode

If You want to learn more about using Satellite dish antennas for amateur radio use ,check out this site.. http://www.ultimatecharger.com/dish.html
I learnt a lot from this site and also how to build patch feeds for UHF+ bands.

I left the 8 element uhf antenna as it is because it has good gain and I can hear all the birds even without a pre amp inline..However I wanted more gain on vhf so I added on more boom length to the 5 ele and with some designing using YO software ,I was able to go from 8dbd to 11dbd with only 3 additional elements.....

8 Element Vert & Horzt. 70cm Satellite Antenna

5 Element vert. & horzt. vhf Yagi

In order to work the Satellites, I need to know where they are. I use a Freeware program named Satscape and it is really easy and fun to use....Try it....Click on the picture to goto the Satscape website.

Screenshot of Satscape

Satscape 3D Screenshot

This is another Satellite tracking software called AgSattrack that I found on the net that is freeware and works pretty good...Click on the picture to goto the webpage to read and download..

AgSattrack...Satellite Tracking Software

There are lots of websites showing how to build vhf and uhf antennas which can be used for satellite operation. 

Some sites that has antenna designs for weak signal work and can be used for satellite are found at..........
Great designs for  antennas for EME.....

I am hoping to get active now with EME using WSJT software ...I am in the process of putting up another tower for some stack vhf antennas..

Here are some recordings I have found on the web of myself , making contacts on 6m.

Making contact with ON4AOI

Making contact with K7BV

Making contact with PA5WX

Our 6 meter Beacon in Trinidad--FK90

Here are some recordings I made of my Satellite contacts..

Contact with EB8AMT on FO29 Satellite

Contact with K3SZH on FO29 Satellite

Contact with KI4GVB on AO27 Satellite

AO16 Beacon

Packet Radio on the International Space Station (ISS)

NA1SS ( Iss Ocupant) contacting YY4MP

NOAA 15 Weather Satellite on 137.5MHZ