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This is the construction and putting together of my radio room

All my radio equipment was squeezed up in the corner of my bedroom and as I wanted to get more involved in different aspects of Ham radio (Satellite,Low band dx,Packet,Digital etc.)I needed lots more space than just a corner.My veranda at the back of my house was then turned into a 14ft x 10ft room......Here are some of the construction photos (construction this time not done by me).......

How the veranda looked before.

Getting ready to add-on.

The railings around the veranda was cut out and the bricks stacked up to start putting up the walls...

Walls going up.

Room finished !

Well here is my 14ft x 10ft radio room as seen from the outside. Sliding windows are placed all around so as not to loose the beautiful view I have from up there...To the west of my home is the ocean approx 1/4 mile away.To the south is the City's natural landmark (the San Fernando Hill)and to the north I am overlooking the Oil refinery in Pointe-a-Piere..
Trinidad has its own Oil refinery and there is even a Pitch Lake further south of the island.Trinidad supplies the USA with Liquid Natural Gas..Actually 2/3 of USA LNG comes from the Island of Trinidad......More pictures of inside The radio room to come soon...