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If you would like to email me for any info about antennas, Qsl info , Skeds on the bands, or if you are visiting the island ...feel free to email....also our IRLP node in Trinidad is 7500....Echolink Node 305834.

The antenna links here are to sites that has helped me in building antennas and/or gave me more ideas for my own projects....I hope these sites will really help someone in building their own antenna..

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Links to goto...

For all Foreign Hams asking about reciprocal license...Goto Trinidad & Tobago Telecomm website/Forms page..It is the L2 form

Reciprocal license form in PDF..The webpage above will give their Address/Telephone/Email info.

Read up on Trinidad...Some good info is also on this page about our Telecomm Division and Amateur Radio.

9Z4CT-Nigel's site giving weather info in north Trinidad

Soundcard Packet..Packet using your soundcard and AGWPE software

This is the software I used for making my Satellite Qsl card

Lessons in Stacking Hf antennas...Very informative

VE3SQB software for designing all sort of antennas..Very good site

W5GI John's Mystery antenna..Great signal with wire & 200w @ 25ft

KV5R Technical Index Page...Good Ideas and Info...A Dual Band Ant...Grounding Info.

..............ANTENNAS TO BUILD..............

While I was searching the net for Vertical antennas for the low bands, I came upon these sites with lots of info...I eventually tried out a ground mounted 40 meter vertical ,with 4 radials out of wire laid out on the ground at our 2006 emergency comms. weekend...We were able to work into Europe with 5/9+ signals (100 watts).

.............Vertical Antenna Info..............

The 40 meter Stealth Vertical..Easy to build

Hamuniverse....Lots of antenna designs

Antennaas for the Low Bands..80 and 160m

80 meter vertical with capacitance hat

80 Meter Shortened 1/4 Wave Vertical Antenna - DX Engineering

Hex Array - 80/40 Meter Vertical

Vertical Antenna Information (Low Bands)

Read up on elevated feed points by Force 12

Force 12 Sigma Vertical antennas

Perspectives on GAP Antennas...They also use elevated feed point on their verticals

Hy-Gain Hy Tower Jr multiband vertical

AC0DV....Nice write up & Photos on the Hy Tower Jr

HF antennas - Yagis - Multiband Yagis

2 ele yagis for 40 & 80 meters....Check the homebrewed coils

W6NL 40m Moxon Yagi presentation

W6NL Moxon on Cushcraft XM240 (2 ele 40m)

Site with links to companys & antenna designs

AC6V antenna page with lots of links

W4RNL antenna page...Loads of info

DxZone antenna links

Build a Hf Log Periodic from K8CU

SpiderBeam...Multiband wire beam...Free info

Moxon Antenna building

Build your own UHF Yagi antenna.. Very good instructions

Here are some links to building collinear type antennas..I was looking around for higher gain vertical antennas for VHF and UHF..These sites are really good info..

Omni-Gain Vertical Collinear for VHF and UHF..(Repeater Builders Website)

A simple vhf collinear antenna by W1HBQ (Thanks a lot Ross)....Easy to build

K0EMT..928 mhz collinear based on the simple collinear design by W1HBQ

Build a coaxial collinear UHF antenna by N1BUG ..Good details

Collinear built out of RG58...site has a calculator for VHf or UHF

A 2.4Ghz Low-Power 5dBi Vertical Collinear Antenna for 802.11 Applications

.............Earth Moon Earth (EME)...........

Read up on WSJT (weak signal software for EME and Meteor Scatter)

Info on building longboom VHF & UHF yagis for weak signal dxing

This site really inspires me to get going on Moonbounce....EA6VQ EME antenna installation..Hope to be there soon

YU7EF 's 6m, 2m, 70cm Low Temperature (low noise) antennas, with 50 ohm feed

Building UHF Yagis-A practical Approach (August 2006 QST)

VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna Design by K7MEM..Very Helpful for first time builders

VHF/UHF Long Yagi Workshop

Yagi Calculator by John Drew (VK5DJ) to develop DL6WU style yagis

..............Satellite Antenna Stuff............

Adding a Position-Feedback Potentiometer to a TV Antenna Rotator by NA1DB

Cheap TV Rotor Interface by WB4APR...Automatic Tracking of Satellites

VHF-UHF Portable Yagi-Uda Antenna Design and Construction Notes by XE1MEX

Arrow Satelllite Handheld antenna

Arrow Satellite handheld antenna diagram (build your own)

KI0AG Micro-Diplexer..Built for the arrow satellite antenna

Using TVRO Satellite dish for amateur radio on uhf and above

WA5VJB "Cheap Yagis" ...These are easy to build and match

Homebrew Satellite Antenna..(WA5VJB "Cheap Yagis" Design)

.........Grounding Your Station.............

After building your Ham shack , please don't forget to get the grounding hooked up...

What type of Grounding ? ...ARRL info

ARRL info on grounding against lightning

N0HR webpage on all sort of Grounding

Ground Loops ? Just get rid off them