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Since I now have all this room for equipment, I needed to put together desk space..I now have 11 ft of desk space.
I was however unable to find the type of desk arrangement I wanted, so I bought some computer desks and built desk and drawers in between what I had gotten....

Here is a description of what I did in putting all this together.....I already had a computer desk (light coloured desk in middle) and wanted to expand on that, but I noticed most Hams I know all had the same light colour desk..I needed to be different..I found some really classy mahogany finish desk at the local furniture store which was also cheap in price ( I bought 3 of them ).As you can see the mahogany desk on the left and right.


I now needed to mesh all three desk together...so now the brain racking and the elbow grease starts....Because of the curve in mahogany desks , I needed to cut out curves in 1/2 plywood...By the way ,belive it or not this is my very first attempt at woodworking.


I also needed drawer space...I actually went to different furniture stores with a measurement in my head...The set of drawers had to be a certain height most important , so as to fit in between the two different desk....The curved plywood sits on top of the chest of drawers so as to mesh the two and additional desk space...


The computer monitor is just providing some weight as the glue drys as I check to see if everyone is lining up before a permanent fit..


Yep...coming along nicely...The drawers are in place on both sides of the main operating desk (in matching colours) and the mahogany desks on the far sides....All joined up and radios in place to measure for holes for coax cables and power lines....


For the coaxial cables and power cables , I put in two 4x4 pvc conduit used for electrical wiring...Very nice and enough space for everyone to keep out of sight...


As of January 10th 2006 , this is what inside my radio room looks like....It took me a while, to get here ( I'm not a rich guy )....I still got more things to add in ( Saving for an A/C unit & anyone willing to donate equipment feel free, HI HI ! )




So now , a couple years later (2008), this is what my radio room looks like.......Still have some more stuff to add.

You can see the Yaesu FT-920 on the left side, this is what I have using on 40m....The nice thing about the FT-920 is the ability to interface to the computer directly via a serial port cable (no interface is needed)..I use MixW for the Digital modes (PSK,RTTY etc).
The Icom IC-756 is my main radio, for use on 20-17-15-10m into my homebrew X7 antenna.
The other Yaesu FT-920 (right side), is used on 80 and 6m (80m inverted V and 5 ele 6m yagi).
The Ic-718 is not hooked up at present, basically a grab and go radio..

Not shown (to the extreme right) is my Yaesu FT 847 for satellite communication..I will also be installing a new Yaesu G-5500 elevation/azimuth rotor and homebrew interface for automatic satellite tracking....Also need to upgrade the computer system, and thinking of installing dual 19" lcd monitors to run multiple views of satscape ..

The top shelf ,(from left to right),holds my Ic-2200h for D-star..Ic-2000h for 2m repeaters..Ts-50s for 10m FM..Marine vhf radio..Yaesu Ft-8100 dual bander for mostly uhf.
Down below is my Heathkit SB-200 (500w), used mainly on 20m (hardly ever use it)...You can also see the Behringer UB-802 mixer that I use to channel all the radio receive audio, into a small car equalizer with spectrum analyzer into left & right sony speakers ..



Video Clip of my Radio Room (taken in May 2009). PSE click on this text.